Films for Corporate Initiatives

Shifting Years discusses how multiple generations working together should be leveraged as a source of great potential – instead of a cause for tension. By finding a common ground, respecting differences, and letting go of assumptions, great things can happen!

Hosted by Seeing Red Cars author, Laura Goodrich, Shifting Years aims to generate discussions and open-mindedness between all age groups. This program reminds us that it’s how we choose to work together that determines our success
  How can you get more of what you want?
Seeing Red Cars is a full-length program that encourages audiences to focus on what they DO want instead of focusing on what they don’t! By having a positive attitude and taking action, viewers will be motivated to move in the right direction for themselves and for their organization.

Hosted by Laura Goodrich, trainer and consultant, this unique and engaging program helps audiences make better decisions, combat negativity, and create a positive environment.


Get your team talking. Each video addresses a different challenge we all face at work. Use them to kick off a meeting, training session or project. They can be used independently or as part of your ongoing Seeing Red Cars program to build a positive-outcomes mindset in your organization.

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