New video, Seeing Red Cars by Laura Goodrich helps company provide the right focus in these economic times

May, 11. 2009, St. Paul, Minnesota. Seeing Red Cars, a new video release from On Impact, has helped organizations establish clear objectives and focus their efforts on creating positive outcomes despite having to make tough decisions related to challenging economic times. Individually, the video helps the employee focus on what he or she can control and accomplish, rather than unwanted results.

One leader conducted a meeting announcing her decision to close an entire branch of the business. She began by showing the Seeing Red Cars film to the attendees to help facilitate the tough circumstances. Author, Laura Goodrich says, “Too often people focus on things that can’t be individually controlled. Focusing on what they ‘don’t want’ is unconscious and prevalent in the workplace. It is pervasive, unproductive, and it isn’t helping organizations maneuver the rough waters of the times. The video helps us position our awareness to become more conscious of what we can control and what we want.” In the example of the branch closing, the staff members couldn’t believe how well problems were dealt with in very challenging meetings. There was a visible shift in body language as the audience relaxed and collaborated about how the company can move forward and be successful.

In the days following the meeting, the leader of the organization received an outpouring of emails thanking her for her leadership through the difficult branch closing. Seeing Red Cars unified management and employees in a time of crisis.

Seeing Red Cars is being distributed by Star Thrower Distribution and can be previewed at For further information, contact Greg Stiever at On Impact Productions, 612-804-3843 or mail to:

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